Food needs a fresh forecast.
Here's why
For food companies, forecast error is expensive and demand is volatile. The same moment demand explodes in one region, it can dissolve in another. We like volatility. We help clients reduce waste and shortages with cutting edge Deep Learning technology.
We are Deepnify.
Why now?
An accurate demand forecast would transform your profit margin, so why don't you have one?

Forecasting food demand accurately and granularly requires cutting edge Deep Learning Technology that legacy vendors don't offer.
Globally Ranked Talent
Our data scientists are truly the best, we checked! Stacked up against the Kaggle global community of 1,000,000 data scientists, we've won hundreds of thousands in prize money solving forecast problems for Enterprise clients like Rossmann, Two Sigma and Home Depot
Individual approach
We develop unique solutions that lift the metrics you care about such as Customer Order Fill Rate, Product Availability, Inventory Turns, Shrink, and Margin.
Experts in Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise
Highly skilled professionals will help your business to grow on par with new technologies, converting your data advantage to an operational threat. We're experienced managing Enterprise Data.
Put your data to work where it counts.
Transform your supply chain with an accurate forecast by item, node, and day.
Capture External Demand Drivers
Dozens of demand drivers influence demand across your network. We deliver the most accurate forecast for each node by leveraging third party data including weather, Google Trends, distance-to-competitors, neighbourhood demographics, local holidays, and school holidays.
Uncover hidden patterns
Your Deep Learning Model will recognize and leverage thousands of hidden patterns invisible to a person or statistical model. Ex: When hot crossed buns go on sale, which other products will sell more; which items will sell less; will areas with rain have higher sales; how will neighbourhood demographics affect Friday, Saturday, and Sunday volumes; what about branches near a bakery competitor?
Share across departments
Building the forecast into your business process is essential. We help to create a data hub customized to solve challenges for each user group at your company.
Learn from each new data point with Artificial Intelligence
Unlike statistical forecasting tools or human forecasting decisions that can make systematic, repetitive errors, the Deepnify machine learning forecast gets more accurate with each new data point.
What will you get?
Fewer stockouts and shortages, higher sales
Less supply chain waste, higher operating margins
Hidden demand drivers, uncovered
Ready for a fresh forecast?
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