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Just a few examples of how Deepnify can empower your organization with forecasting capabilities.
Augment your POS data with weather data, local demographic data, promo data, store data, and product date to accurately forecast sales per store to:
  • Optimize pricing
  • Optimizing staffing levels
  • Automate replenishment to reduce stockouts
  • Improve assortment and merchandising
Leverage historical sales data, POS data, and other signals to accurately predict future purchase orders earlier and with unprecedented accuracy and detail to:
  • Prevent shortages
  • Improve procurement decisions and negotiation power
  • Maximize production capacity
  • Reduce waste
  • Accept customer orders later

Augment historical sales data with marketing data, Google trends, website traffic, and product date to accurately forecast sales to make better decisions around:
  • Inventory levels
  • Pricing and markdowns
  • Distribution
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    Deep learning is a huge opportunity right now because it enables developers to create applications in a way that was never possible before. Neural networks are a new way of programming computers... It's a new way of handling data.
    - The Guardian
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