Artificial intelligence for a predictable world
Build smarter apps that see the future
Increase Forecast Accuracy
Use All Your Data
Uncover Hidden Drivers
Built to empower developers
Get Organized, Use Everthing
Deepnify makes it easy to quickly manage historical sales data and append all relevant data you have that lives in other sources and formats. It's fast and easy to use every possible data point for forecasting.
Augment Your Data With Third Party Data to Boost Accuracy
Increase forecast accuracy by automatically and dynamically augmenting your data with third party data, for example: local weather, social media, or holidays.
Uncover Hidden Demand Drivers
Segment and filter your data to compare the relative importance of different demand drivers to you sales over time, including appended data such as weather.
Customize Your Output and Error Metric
Choose from several Error Metrics or design your own, so your output will serve your custom requirements.
Build smarter, hack faster, scale better
Just a few examples of how Deepnify can create better apps, products, and services.
Scheduling Software
Scheduling software companies can offer their clients smart schedule optimization based on predicted future sales. Deepnify uses historical sales data, promo information, weather, and other data to out-predict alternative solutions and can predict with a daily, weekly, or monthly window.
Inventory Planning Software
Inventory planning software companies can offer clients smarter safety stock, and purchase order recommendations based on projected demand to help their clients grow sales and reduce inventory requirements. Deepnify uses historical orders, promo information, POS data, and other data to reduce forecast error by to up 50%.
Distribution Software
Help your clients grow margins and improve their service levels with shockingly accurate and detailed demand forecasting options.
Hospitality Platform
Make your clients more successful with better visibility into future demand and information on hidden demand drivers for their business.
The top choice for forecasting
Time to check the error range for your forecast, given your data
More data. Process orders of magnitude more historical sales information
Third party data sources that can instantly kick up your forecast accuracy
Deep learning is a huge opportunity right now because it enables developers to create applications in a way that was never possible before. Neural networks are a new way of programming computers... It's a new way of handling data.
- The Guardian

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