Nov 6th 2017
Deepnify presents at RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit
October 11, Deepnify co-founder Nima Shahbazi represented Deepnify at the ReWork Deep Learning Summit in Montreal.

The Deep Learning Summit brought together senior business leaders, influential technologists, data
scientists, entrepreneurs and data engineers to collaborate and reshape the future.

Nima presented on:
Reducing Demand Forecast Error with Deep Learning

For perishable food companies, demand is volatile and error is extremely expensive. As a result, food companies are pioneering cutting edge Machine Learning Demand Forecasting services to reduce spoilage and prevent stockouts. Learn how feature extraction with deepneural networks and gradient boosting methods significantly reduce forecast error.

We had a great turn out and had a chance to chat forecasting with all kinds of excited experts.

We also had a chance to see saw Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCun and Geoffrey Hinton come together to share their cutting edge research advancements and dozens of other speakers discuss the landscape of AI and the deep learning ecosystem in Canada.

Big thanks to ReWork for hosting us. We look forward to their next event!

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