Reduce Inventory with the Shockingly Accurate Demand Forecast
We help manufacturers reduce inventory and grow their bottom line with the world's most accurate demand forecasting technology.
What if your supply chain could see the future?
Reduce Inventory
Improve forecast accuracy to reduce safety stock and inventory requirements. On average, every one point increase in forecast accuracy reduces Finished Goods Inventory Requirements by 2.7% (Gartner, May 2017).
Increase Perfect Order Performance
Improve Fill Rate and On Time Rate to improve relationships with customers and increase sales. On average, every one point increase in forecast accuracy increases Perfect Order Performance by .4% (Gartner, May 2017).
Reduce Waste
Reduce waste by reducing inventory requirements and shortening cycle times. On average, every one point increase in forecast accuracy reduces Inventory Obsolescence by 3.9% (Gartner, May 2017).
Reduce costly Forecast error
Inventory is expensive and demand is more volatile than ever. We like volatility. We help clients reduce inventory with accurate demand forecasting powered by cutting edge Deep Learning technology that leverages advanced pattern recognition to create more accurate forecasts.
How it works
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We work with your team to share the state of AI in the manufacturing industry and work with your team to calculate accuracy requirements and ROI potential.
We work closely with your data scientists and IT team to efficiently and securely access the large volumes of data needed to train our AI models. We augment your data with relevant internal and third party data. We use the latest in machine learning and operations research techniques to train models that give the most accurate results.

We work with your team to seamlessly integrate the Deepnify baseline forecast to your system so users immediately benefit without long integration phases.
Reduce inventory, grow your bottom line, and change the world.
We continue to deliver value for our clients. Our continued support ensures forecasts are re-trained with new data, run on the highest-quality infrastructure and are kept secure by expert cybersecurity systems.
Why Deepnify
Most Accurate Forecast
1st place accuracy in every competitive client evaluation, and winner of Kaggle's Rossman and Grupo Bimbo Global Sales Forecasting Competitions.
Cold Start Winner
A system optimized to handle noisy data and to offer forecasting for new products and new channels leveraging your other historical data.
Leverages all Data
All available data is used to achieve the business objective. Sales History, Product Tables, Channel Tables, Customer Tables and third party data are all incorporated into the prediction.
Deep learning is a huge opportunity right now because it enables developers to create applications in a way that was never possible before. Neural networks are a new way of programming computers... It's a new way of handling data.
- The Guardian
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